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Please read the following information below before you complete the registration form as you will be held responsible for the information.

  • Please note that there is a $135 recruitment registration fee. This fee covers registration and the cost of providing PNMs with a t-shirt to wear for Philanthropy Round, as well as a hard copy of the PNM Handbook. It also helps cover the expenses associated with maintaining the recruitment process and additional costs used for Panhellenic recruitment. Due to these costs, as well as additional expenses for recruitment, we maintain a strict No Refund Policy for recruitment registration.
  • Auburn University requires students to be enrolled full-time (12 credit hours) to participate in Panhellenic sorority recruitment as well as to remain an active member within their sorority.
  • While Auburn University Panhellenic does not require a minimum GPA to participate in recruitment, the individual chapters do have their own grade requirements.  The average minimum GPA requirement for pledging tends to be around a 3.2, but some sororities have cutoffs that are higher.  The all sorority GPA is usually above a 3.2.  In some circumstances, however, women with GPAs below the requirements do receive bids, but please be advised that having grades below the requirements do limit your chances of pledging.
  • A t-shirt is included in your recruitment fee.  Additional shirts may be ordered for $15. This can be done on your registration form.  All recruitment and t-shirt fees will be posted to your ebill account, so please do not send us any money.
  • Once you submit your application, your recruitment and t-shirt fees will not be refunded, even if you do not come to recruitment.
  • You should register for recruitment only once.  Do not register once and then register again later with changes.  Once you register, the sororities receive the information you send in and have begun working with your application and it creates a great deal of confusion when someone tries to register more than once and submit changes. Make sure that the information you submit is correct and that you print out a copy for your records.
  • When you fill out your registration, be sure to capitalize and spell correctly.  The information you submit is sent to the sororities as is, so if you type in all-caps or if you do not capitalize, that is the information that the sororities see.  So, be sure to submit your information in a format that you would be proud of.
  • You should not register until you have your final, complete high school transcript. Your transcript can be the unofficial one, we do not need a copy of your official transcript. It is best for you to turn in the correct one the first time rather than submit a late one or a different one later.  You will need to know your final high school GPA for your registration.  We ask that you report it on a 4.0 scale.  Weighting for honors and AP classes is allowed.  So, get that ready before you begin.
  • Before sending in your transcript, check over it for your social security number.  We do not need that for anything, so you should mark over it with black marker or white it out before submitting your transcript.


Be prepared to complete the registration at one time, you cannot save the information and log out to complete later. Collect these things before you begin registration:

  1. Note your username and password.  When you register, you will create a username and a password for yourself.  We will not be able to look them up for you, so make sure you keep track of that information.  You can log back in and make changes as you need to once your registration is complete.
  2. Use Google Chrome, if you can, and enable all cookies on your browser. Make sure your browser has cookies enabled before clicking on the registration link.  Otherwise, your application may not submit.  Take this important step to ensure you do not have to retype everything.  Keep in mind that our recruitment registration is stored in a different place.  So, enabling cookies for this site only will not work.  Enable all cookies.  When you are finished, change your settings back to the original state.
  3. Prepare your resume information.  You will be asked for general contact information for you and at least one parent.  Also, be ready to report all activities (academic, sports, community…) from your high school years (and college years if applicable). You will need to know your Auburn email address and student ID number.  Since this is the official place where your recruitment information is housed, it is important that you submit the information carefully and correctly.  Do not put “See Resume.” You will not upload a resume, but we will need the information inputted from it.
  4. Your high school transcript and any applicable college transcripts in an electronic copy. The sororities look carefully at each person’s GPA.  Providing a copy of each class you took helps them do this.  Get a copy of your transcript (it is OK if it is marked unofficial) and make sure to mark out your social security number if it appears on there.  We do not need your social security number for anything.  The transcript is the best thing, but a final report card will suffice if it has the final cumulative GPA on it.  Scan the pages into one document, even if it is more than one transcript. There is a portion of the application where you will attach the transcript to your application.
  5. ACT/SAT Scores may be reported, but this is optional. Please do not go take these tests for the recruitment application. You may report them if you have them, but they are not required.
  6. You have the option to upload a photo, if you choose to.  With such a large group of potential members, the sororities use photographs for identification purposes.  You will have the opportunity to upload one photo in the “Upload Image” section.  The maximum file size is 1 MB.  It does not have to be professionally taken.  It can be head-only, head-to-toe, or anything in-between. Any type of pose is fine.  If you submit a photo, make sure that it does not have anyone else in it.
  7. Research current legacy policies.  Each sorority has its own definition of who their legacies are.  It is OK to report any family relationships you want, but it is important to note that many legacy policies have changed.
  8. Be prepared to complete the t-shirt portion of the application.  The registration fee provides one shirt to each potential member, however, extras can be purchased for $15 each.  The shirt will be worn during philanthropy round, which is a three-day round.  Some potential members choose to get only one shirt and wear it multiple days, but others choose to purchase extra shirts so they will have a fresh one on hand.
  9. Be prepared to answer some written questions. You will be asked to answer two written-response questions on your recruitment registration, so make sure you are prepared to answer them before you register. You will choose one out of three prompts for each question. We recommend answering the questions in 200 words or less. These questions are built into our registration this year because the chapters want to learn more about you and your personality before recruitment even starts! Here are the prompts you will be able to choose from:
    • What is one thing you would tell your younger self at this point in your life? 
    • What is one quote that resonates with you and why? 
    • What is one time you faced disappointment and how did you handle it? 
  10. Lastly, be prepared to upload a short video showcasing your personality. Once you register for recruitment, you will have the opportunity to upload the video. Linked here are the instructions for uploading your video. These are the questions prompts you will be able to choose from:
    • What is something you value and prioritize that shapes the person you are? 
    • What is an experience, event, or person that has impacted you and given you motivation for your future? 

If you need to login to edit your account please follow the Campus Director instructions linked here.

Please call the Greek Life Office (334) 844-4600 any time between 7:45 am and 4:45 pm CST Monday through Friday with any questions.

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Last modified: May 30, 2024