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How Important Are My Grades?

How Important Are My Grades?


Each sorority places a strong emphasis on academics, and they like to see evidence of academic achievement in women before offering them bids.  This is why we ask for information about grades in your recruitment registration. During recruitment, each sorority sets a cutoff and tries to invite only women whose grades are above that cutoff.  While it is true that some women with low grades do participate in recruitment and join, it is important to know that women with a high school GPA below a 3.2 have a significantly lower chance of joining and that many sororities have cutoffs that are higher. If your grades are low due to a learning disability and you want that information sent to the sororities, you will need to have that information documented through Auburn’s Office of Accessibility and make an official request. They will send a letter to us that we can forward to the sororities. Their letters do not state what your disability is or that it affected your grades.  It will only say that you are receiving their services.  The recruitment chair, chapter president, and chapter advisor will see this letter and it will be reviewed for recruitment purposes only.  Any documentation sent to our office from other sources will be discarded.  Only those letters from Auburn’s Office of Accessibility will be forwarded by Auburn Panhellenic.

Last modified: February 25, 2021