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It is the responsibility of the potential member to provide her own place to stay for recruitment. Panhellenic will not provide or assign anyone a place to stay.  If you will be living in University Housing, you may move in at the time set by University Housing.  University Housing will contact you with your room assignments over the summer.  If you have any questions, you should visit the University Housing website.

If you are living off campus, you should contact your rental agent to arrange to arrive early, if possible.  Some apartment complexes do not accommodate early move-ins for recruitment, so ask about that before you sign a lease.  You may choose to stay in a hotel or with a friend. You will need to make arrangements to be in town beginning the day before recruitment parties begin.

If you’re going to live on campus, check out a few ways to make the most of your residence hall space here!

Living as a first-year sorority member:

Each Panhellenic sorority has a hall in a residence hall in The Village, Auburn University’s newest student housing.  As a potential new member, you may not request to live on any of these halls because the members of the sorority fill them.  You may stay wherever you have planned to live.  The place that you live (whether on campus or off) will not affect the sorority you join.  As a first-year member, you will not be asked to move from your place of residence into the residence hall at any time during your first year.  However, spaces often open up on a sorority’s hall during the year and first-year members may be offered the opportunity to move up onto the hall for the remainder of the year.  While this may appear as an option, it will not be a requirement for your first year.

Housing after your first year:

Each sorority has about 40 spaces on their hall that they fill with members.  The units have up to four people in them, all with single bedrooms.  Each unit has one or two bathrooms, a kitchenette, and a living space.  In addition, there is a common area on the hall shared by the sorority members as well as an office and study room.  The sorority halls are in the same building as the sorority’s chapter rooms, which have full kitchens, private restrooms, a storage room, and an office.

In order to keep a full hall and in order to help the sorority members get to know one another and build friendships, sororities have policies in place to make sure that members live on their hall.  So, be sure to check with the sorority you join and find out what their housing policy is before you sign a lease to live off campus as a second-year sorority member.  Some sororities make exceptions in certain cases where a member might own property or live at home with her parents, so don’t let housing fears deter you from investigating sorority membership. Also, each sorority has certain offices (President, Recruitment Chair, Treasurer…) that are required to live on the hall.  So, if you plan to run for office, make plans to move into the residence hall after your first year as a member.

Last modified: May 8, 2023