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Can I Participate in Recruitment If I’m Involved in Other Activities?

Can I Participate in Recruitment If I’m Involved in Other Activities?

Auburn University Panhellenic sororities welcome members who are part of the Marching Band, an athletic team, or other university-sponsored activity.  We also understand that you may have practices going on during the week of recruitment.  Please don’t let that discourage you from participating in recruitment.  In order to help you with the process, we will work with you to make the week easier on you. Please be reminded that this is offered only to members of the Auburn University Marching Band, an athletic team, or other university-sponsored activity, not to those wanting to miss recruitment events for other reasons.

  1. Members of the Auburn University Marching Band, an athletic team, or other university-sponsored activity will be in their own special recruitment group with an experienced Pi Chi to help you through the week as a group, which will also help acquaint you with the others in your activity who are participating in recruitment.
  2. Members of this group will have meetings tailored around their special schedule, even if that means your Pi Chi needs to drop by your practice to deliver a message to you.
  3. Members of this group need not pay attention to the suggestions for appropriate attire.  The sororities understand that you may come to their party straight from practice sweaty and wearing a hat and pony tail.  That’s perfectly fine.
  4. Members of this group need not worry about the schedule.  The sororities know that members of this special group can only come to recruitment events on breaks between practices and that you may dart in for half of a party or that you may arrive late.  You will still only be allowed to attend the parties of those sororities who have invited you for that round, but you don’t have to go to them in any particular order.

Will being in this group affect my chances of joining?

It depends on how you look at it…  The sororities are always excited to have members who are already involved on campus when they join. But, with all that Panhellenic does to help make recruitment easier on potential members, recruitment tends to be especially hard on those women trying to balance two large commitments during that week. Often, women find the stress of the week to be too much and decide to drop out of one thing or the other.  But, if you think you can handle the added stress of those few days, the women in this group have as good of a chance as anyone to join a sorority.

Will I have a harder time participating in a sorority if I am already committed to something else?

When a sorority knows that you are involved in something already, they know that they will need to work with you where attendance is concerned.  The chapters at Auburn tend to work well with their members who are involved in other on-campus activities and do their best to be flexible with those members who are participating in those groups.  If you are involved in two groups, it only makes sense that you have much more time committed than those students only participating in one group, but if you commit yourself to managing your time well, active participation in both can be accomplished.

Last modified: January 4, 2019