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Our Panhellenic Council is comprised of about eighty women.  There are three representatives from each sorority:  the chapter President, the voting Delegate, and the Junior Panhellenic Delegate.  They represent their sororities as we interact as a Panhellenic Council.  Each sorority works closely with its National Panhellenic Delegate to ensure that we act within the boundaries of our sorority bylaws as well as National Panhellenic Conference policy.  There is also a cabinet of around twenty sorority women who coordinate the various Panhellenic projects and efforts we participate in.  They are chosen in November by an application and interview process.  The outgoing and incoming Panhellenic executive officers make those selections.  At the same time cabinet members are chosen, we also select eight women to serve in recruitment-related positions on the Recruitment Executive Board.  The Panhellenic Council is led by the Panhellenic Executive Board, which is a six member team chosen by an application and interview process by the outgoing Panhellenic council through votes from their chapter delegates.  We meet as a council on alternating Tuesdays when classes are in session.  On the Tuesdays that we do not meet as a council, we meet in our small groups (cabinet together, delegates together…) to have discussions that don’t relate to the whole group.

2022 Panhellenic Executive Officers

Amanda Barkley is the 2023 Panhellenic President.

Hey, Y’all! My name is Amanda Barkley and I am a junior from Charlotte, North Carolina, majoring in Business Administration. During my time at Auburn, I have served as the President of my own chapter, a Camp War Eagle Counselor, and on staff for Auburn Dance Marathon for the past three years. As Panhellenic President, I am responsible for leading the council by collaborating with all eighteen chapters. This includes chapter presidents, the Panhellenic Executive Board, Panhellenic Cabinet, the Recruitment Executive Board, and the student body. Through this role, I have the opportunity to serve as a voice for the Panhellenic community and represent the values that we strongly uphold. I am deeply humbled and honored to be able to serve in this capacity. The Panhellenic community and Greek Life at Auburn have given me so much in my time here and I am grateful for the opportunity to give back.

Amy Beversluis is the 2023 Panhellenic Administrative Vice President.

Hi! My name is Amy and I’m a junior from Alpharetta, GA majoring in Global Studies. During my time at Auburn, I have had the privilege of serving as a Camp War Eagle Counselor, on Auburn Panhellenic’s Cabinet as the Director of Spiritual Life, and as the Director of First Year Experience in my own chapter. As Panhellenic Administrative Vice President, I get to coordinate the Panhellenic Cabinet, which works on projects such as Greek Sing and Convocation, as well as produce programming that partners with other offices on campus. Programming occurs around health and wellness, diversity, equity, and inclusion, women’s initiatives, and community service.  I am very passionate about service. I have had the opportunity to serve in a multitude of ways over the last few years, and I have found so much joy in pouring into this community. I am so grateful for the many women, both at home and at Auburn, who have taken the time to mentor me and build me into who I am today. I am so thankful for the Panhellenic women who have gone before me to make this community what it is, and it is so fulfilling to be able to lead the next generation of Panhellenic women. I am so excited to continue to serve Panhellenic women and cannot wait to see this team lead as well as this year’s potential new members find their place in this community. Panhellenic has given me a home at Auburn and I hope to be able to give back to the community that has given so much to me. 

Madeline Lewis is the 2023 Panhellenic Vice President for Recruitment. 

My name is Madeline and I am a sophomore from Prattville, Alabama, studying Exercise Science. I am involved in a number of on and off-campus organizations, including Tiger Splashers, Delight Ministries, Student Alumni Ambassadors, and Auburn Community Church. I also had the pleasure of serving as the Auburn Panhellenic Executive Vice President and Director of Health and Wellness. As Vice President for Recruitment, I will work with all 18 of the Recruitment Chairs from each chapter and plan various aspects of Recruitment, as well as select and train the Recruitment Counselors known as “Pi Chis” and the nine-member Recruitment Executive Board team. My one piece of advice to a potential new member is to remember that recruitment should be enjoyable! Remember that the women you’re talking to might become your big, closest friends and sisters in the near future, so talking to them should be fun! I consider Panhellenic to be one of the greatest joys of her college experience, and she has found a strong sense of community among Panhellenic women. I am immensely honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve a community that has given me so much, and aim to help every potential new member and existing Panhellenic women feel accepted, included, and valued for who they are as they find their forever home.

Claire Christie is the 2023 Panhellenic Executive Vice President

Hi all! I am Claire Christie and I have the honor of serving as this year’s Executive Vice President for the Auburn Panhellenic Council. I am a junior from Birmingham, Alabama, majoring in Public Administration with a minor in Leadership. Throughout my time at Auburn, I have loved being involved in different areas of campus. I have served on the Student Government Associations Elections Council, the Women’s Leadership Institute Student Advisory Board, Beat Bama Food Drive Staff, the University Program Council, and as a Camp War Eagle Counselor. Additionally, I am a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society and the Cardinal Key Honor Society. I have had the privilege of working on Auburn’s Panhellenic Council since my freshman year after serving my chapter as the Junior Panhellenic Delegate and the Panhellenic Delegate. My passion for leadership, involvement, and the Panhellenic community led me to this position. As Executive Vice President, I oversee the Delegates and Junior Delegates of all 18 chapters. In overseeing the Delegates, I conduct bi-weekly small group meetings, regular one-on-ones, and provide them with guidance in matters such as voting or internal chapter tasks. In my time as Executive Vice President, I hope to maintain and reflect the strong values of Auburn Panhellenic and work for the betterment of our community. I am overjoyed by this opportunity to serve a community that has given me so much! 



Cami Engelbert is the 2023 Panhellenic Vice President for Finance. 

Hey, y’all! My name is Cami Engelbert and I have the honor and privilege to serve as the Vice President for Finance for Panhellenic this year. I’m a junior majoring in Finance from Fort Worth, Texas. I previously served as the Treasurer for my individual chapter and loved the opportunity to grow as a servant leader and cultivate closer friendships with the girls around me. I look forward to serving in a financial role for Panhellenic as a whole to support our growing community. I am very passionate about traveling and taking advantage of opportunities. I love thrill-seeking adventures and exploring new places. My main responsibilities as VPF include preparing the annual budget, maintaining up-to-date financial records, reporting all financial paperwork, and promptly paying all of Panhellenic’s expenses. I am expectant for what this year has in store for our Executive Council as well as the whole Greek Community.

Laurie Wakefield is the 2023 Panhellenic Vice President for Public Relations. 

Hi everyone! My name is Laurie Wakefield and I have the privilege of serving Auburn Panhellenic as the Vice President for Public Relations this year. A little about me is that I am from Montgomery, Alabama, and have been an Auburn fan my whole life! I am a junior majoring in Communication with a minor in Training and Workplace Development. I have previously served on the Panhellenic Recruitment Executive Board as the Director of Recruitment Media. Other organizations on campus that I have been involved in include The Oaks Agency, Student Government Association, and Auburn University Dance Marathon. My role as the Vice President for Public Relations (or VPPR) includes making merchandise for events such as Primary Recruitment and Greek Sing, managing our social media platforms, and writing press releases. I am a huge people person, and I love getting the chance to talk to anyone about any topic. I am passionate about encouraging others to find their place on Auburn’s campus as I have and to never give up on their goals.

Last modified: February 1, 2023