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Home Game New Member Block Seating Program

Home Game New Member Block Seating Program

In a partnership with the Auburn Student Government Association, Auburn IFC has created for the Fall 2015 football season a new block seating program for home games that will be exclusive to new members of IFC fraternities. As an effort to help alleviate the traffic concerns and bottlenecking issues that occur from high traffic flow into the stadium prior to kickoff, SGA and IFC have designated Sections 17, 18, and possibly 19 to be reserved for new members and their dates.

By having a designated reserved section, new members will no longer need to arrive at games many hours before the game begins to save seats for other members of their pledge class or for their dates. These seats will be held exclusively for them until 1 hour prior to kickoff. We believe that with this new program, we will not only improve the game day experience for our fraternity men, but also for the rest of the student body.

For further details on the guidelines of the “pledge block,” please view the document at the link below.

Last modified: July 19, 2018