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Participation in fraternity recruitment allows students to meet other Auburn University students, learn about our fraternities, and begin friendships that will last beyond their college experience. To get the most out of fraternity life, it is highly encouraged to join freshman year, but many men join as upperclassmen.


Summer/Fall 2024 Fraternity Recruitment Schedule:

May 1: 2024 Summer/Fall Recruitment Registration Opens- Register Here!

May 24: IFC Summer Recruitment Begins

May 31: Bids may begin being distributed

June 15-16: IFC Formal Recruitment Weekend #1*

July 13-14: IFC Formal Recruitment Weekend #2*

August 14: IFC Rec Day

August 18: IFC Recruitment Kickoff

August 21: IFC Open House Day #1**

August 22: IFC Open House Day #2**

August 30: New Member Education Begins

September 6: Bids are Due

October 25: Last Day of New Member Education

*Over the summer, there will be two IFC Recruitment Weekends. One on June 15th and one on July 13th. These will take place on Saturday in between neighboring Camp War Eagle sessions. This is a fantastic opportunity to visit Auburn fraternity recruitment events and to maximize your time while being in Auburn for Camp War Eagle.

** All chapters will participate in one or both open-house nights.

Interested in learning more? Take a look at the 2023 IFC Recruitment Handbook here: (2024 guide coming soon!)

Inquiries about Fraternity Recruitment should be directed to the IFC Vice President for Recruitment at


Ready to register? Fill out the form below:

Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any eligibility requirements for joining a fraternity?

Students must be full-time enrolled undergraduate students to hold membership within a fraternity. Other requirements such as GPA minimums are decided on a chapter-to-chapter basis. Path to the Plains students are not eligible for fraternity membership.

Is registration required to go through fraternity recruitment?

Yes. All men seeking to join a fraternity at Auburn University are required to register for recruitment. This is a requirement set forth by the Greek Life office. There is no fee to sign up for recruitment, only men who accept bids will be charged a $70 bidding fee on their AU E-bill.

How do chapters know that I am interested in learning more about them?

All chapters are given the information of all potential new members as they register for recruitment. However, it is in your best interest to take the initiative to reach out to chapters you would like to get to know. The best avenue to do this is through the chapter’s social media pages or websites, which may be found on the main IFC webpage.

What kind of financial obligation can be expected with fraternity membership?

Every fraternity’s chapter dues are different depending on what is included in chapter membership. You may view the official IFC Financial Transparency document to see the individual dues for each chapter.

Do I have to join as a first semester freshman, or can I wait until the spring or my sophomore/junior year?

Any student is welcome to join a fraternity. However, it is highly encouraged to join a fraternity in the fall semester of your freshman year. The transition to college from high school can be difficult, and getting involved on campus, especially in a fraternity, can help to ease the transition. Also, many students point to their early involvement in a fraternity as a key factor in developing leadership skills and furthering their campus involvement. If you do decide to join a fraternity after your freshman year, chapters will take sophomore and upper class new members.

Contact Sam Whiting, IFC VP of Recruitment, with questions about recruitment.

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Last modified: June 4, 2024