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Our Panhellenic Council is comprised of about eighty women.  There are three representatives from each sorority:  the chapter President, the voting Delegate, and the Junior Panhellenic Delegate.  They represent their sororities as we interact as a Panhellenic Council.  Each sorority works closely with its National Panhellenic Delegate to ensure that we act within the boundaries of our sorority bylaws as well as National Panhellenic Conference policy.  There is also a cabinet of around twenty sorority women who coordinate the various Panhellenic projects and efforts we participate in.  They are chosen in November by an application and interview process.  The outgoing and incoming Panhellenic executive officers make those selections.  At the same time cabinet members are chosen, we also select eight women to serve in recruitment-related positions on the Recruitment Executive Board.  The Panhellenic Council is led by the Panhellenic Executive Board, which is a six member team chosen by an application and interview process by the outgoing Panhellenic council through votes from their chapter delegates.  We meet as a council on alternating Tuesdays when classes are in session.  On the Tuesdays that we do not meet as a council, we meet in our small groups (cabinet together, delegates together…) to have discussions that don’t relate to the whole group.

2022 Panhellenic Executive Officers

Caroline Green is the 2022 Panhellenic President. Caroline is a junior from Tallahassee, Florida, majoring in Nursing. Throughout her time at Auburn, she has served on the Family Relations committee for Dance Marathon, as a Sisterhood Assistant for her own Chapter, and as Director of Benevolence on Panhellenic Cabinet. As Panhellenic President, she will lead the Panhellenic Council by collaborating with all eighteen chapter Presidents, the Panhellenic Executive Board, and the student body. Caroline believes that as a Pi Chi during Primary Recruitment in 2021, her Potential New Member group probably got tired of her saying that “everything happens for a reason.” She encourages Potential New Members to keep this phrase in mind when taking on a challenging, yet rewarding week like Recruitment. She shares that even when it doesn’t seem like it, one day you will find the meaning in everything that Recruitment brings, whether that’s the people you meet in your Pi Chi group, the new friendships you make in line for parties, or the schedule you look at each morning. Caroline encourages all women to make the most of the Recruitment and Panhellenic experience because through it she has found growth, new opportunities, and an abundance of love. Caroline is extremely grateful and humbled to be able to serve the Panhellenic Council in this capacity, and cannot wait to represent the amazing women that our community has to offer.

Maggie McDuffa is the 2022 Panhellenic Administrative Vice President. Maggie is a junior from Florence, Alabama, majoring in Biomedical Sciences. Throughout her time at Auburn, she has served on Auburn’s Student Government Association’s and Auburn Panhellenic’s Cabinets, is a member of Alpha Epsilon Delta, and has served in various positions in her Chapter. As Panhellenic Administrative Vice President, she will coordinate the Panhellenic Cabinet, which works on projects such as Greek Sing and Convocation, as well as with liaison positions to other offices on campus. She plans programming around health and wellness, diversity, equity, and inclusion, women’s initiatives, and community service. One piece of advice she would give a potential new member would be to make the most of the process. While she knows that it is a stressful time, she wants new members to look for the smaller things during the week, not just what chapters you are going back to. She believes that many relationships she made during the week have lasted and that the memories will last a lifetime. She thinks it is also important for them to see what each chapter has to offer and to trust the process no matter how hard it may seem. After being a member of the Panhellenic community she promises that you are going to thrive in your new home and that all 18 chapters have a unique place for you even if you don’t see it at first. Maggie is so excited to continue to serve Panhellenic women and can not wait to see her team lead as well as this year’s potential new members find their place in her community. Panhellenic has given her a home at Auburn and she hopes to be able to give back to the community that has given so much to her.

Sydney Bowdoin is the 2022 Panhellenic Vice President for Recruitment. Sydney Bowdoin is a junior from Prattville, Alabama, majoring in Management and Marketing with a minor in Organizational Development and Change. She currently serves as the Copy Editor for The Glomerata, Vice President of Membership for Cardinal Key Honor Society. Sydney is also a member of Women in Business and Rho Lambda. In her position, she will work with all 18 of the Recruitment Chairs from each sorority and plan various aspects of Recruitment, as well as select and train the Recruitment Counselors known as “Pi Chis” and the eight-member Recruitment Executive Board team. Sydney’s one piece of advice to a potential new member is to remember that recruitment is meant to be fun! Keep in mind that the women you are talking to might soon be your big, best friends and sisters, so talking to them should be exciting! She wants potential new members to know that the idea of sorority recruitment can be intimidating, but what you will learn is that recruitment is a time to be confident in yourself and look for places where your values align, and to be the amazing person you already are! For Sydney, Panhellenic is one of the biggest blessings of her college experience and she has been able to find such a strong sense of community among Panhellenic women. She is incredibly humbled by the opportunity to serve the community that has given so much to her, and she hopes to help every potential new member and current Panhellenic woman feel accepted, included, and known for who they are as they find their forever home.

Madeline Lewis is the 2022 Panhellenic Executive Vice President. Madeline is a sophomore from Prattville, Alabama, studying Nutrition Sciences. She is involved in a number of on and off campus organizations, including Tiger Splashers and Auburn Community Church. On the Panhellenic Cabinet, she was the Director of Health and Wellness. Her best piece of advice to anyone going through the recruitment process is to not let what happens to you define who you are. You may not be able to control every obstacle that comes your way, but you can choose how you respond to them. A single negative experience does not have to ruin your entire day. Allow yourself to grow and learn from these experiences. Things will not always go as planned during the week; take a deep breath and keep going. She was able to find a chapter that accepts me for who she is and helps me grow in all aspects of my life through recruitment. She is overjoyed to be able to give back to an organization that has given her so much!

Riley McIntyre is the 2022 Panhellenic Vice President for Finance. Riley is a junior from Birmingham, AL. She is a student in the Harbert College of Business pursuing a major in Marketing and a minor in Accountancy. She served this past year as the Vice President of Finance for her sorority and also am a member of the Herbert College of Business Executive Society. She is overjoyed and honored to lead Panhellenic as Vice President for Finance this upcoming year. She wants to encourage women coming through recruitment to take things day by day and focus on enjoying the conversations they have in different sororities rather than worrying about the little things- she promises no one cares if you are sweaty, because they were too when they were in your shoes! She looks forward to supporting the Panhellenic community this year and the women coming through recruitment in every way she can. War Eagle!

Braxton Belle Rich is the 2022 Panhellenic Vice President for Public Relations. Braxton Belle (BB) Rich is a Sophomore from Lincoln, Alabama, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Sociology. She has been able to serve Auburn University in multiple capacities. She has served as the Director of External Communications for the Auburn University Student Government Association, a Junior Panhellenic Delegate for her Sorority’s Chapter, and an Alabama Girls State Counselor. As Panhellenic’s Vice President for Public Relations, she will be handling the marketing of Auburn Panhellenic. This includes coordinating all digital marketing efforts such as social media accounts, blog content, and graphic design. She will also work closely with the social media team to develop and maintain a communication plan for Panhellenic. BB’s biggest piece of advice she would give to potential new members is to get involved in all that you can. She shares that on-campus organizations and Greek Life is a great way to meet new people. BB is super excited to serve Panhellenic because it has given her more than she could have ever imagined. She is looking forward to this opportunity to serve and to work towards giving back a fraction of what she has gained.

Last modified: February 4, 2022