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Our Panhellenic Council is comprised of about eighty women.  There are three representatives from each sorority:  the chapter President, the voting Delegate, and the Junior Panhellenic Delegate.  They represent their sororities as we interact as a Panhellenic Council.  Each sorority works closely with its National Panhellenic Delegate to ensure that we act within the boundaries of our sorority bylaws as well as National Panhellenic Conference policy.  There is also a cabinet of around twenty sorority women who coordinate the various Panhellenic projects and efforts we participate in.  They are chosen in November by an application and interview process.  The outgoing and incoming Panhellenic executive officers make those selections.  At the same time cabinet members are chosen, we also select eight women to serve in recruitment-related positions on the Recruitment Executive Board.  The Panhellenic Council is led by the Panhellenic Executive Board, which is a six member team chosen by an application and interview process by the outgoing Panhellenic council through votes from their chapter delegates.  We meet as a council on alternating Tuesdays when classes are in session.  On the Tuesdays that we do not meet as a council, we meet in our small groups (cabinet together, delegates together…) to have discussions that don’t relate to the whole group.

2021 Panhellenic Executive Officers

Lady Frances Hamilton is the 2021 Panhellenic President. Lady Frances is a junior from Nashville, Tennessee, majoring in Public Relations with minors in Business and Leadership. She has been able to serve Auburn in multiple capacities including being a student recruiter, Student Government Association Cabinet member, and the Delegate for her own chapter. She is also and active member of Rho Lambda and Omicron Delta Kappa honor societies. As Panhellenic President, she will lead the Panhellenic Council by collaborating with our eighteen, chapter presidents and Panhellenic executive board. Lady Frances would encourage each Potential New Member to embrace the process. She shares that recruitment is such a huge week of growth, but it is a phenomenal way to build community at Auburn. She would advise girls to be open-minded, to be unapologetically themselves, and to know that they will end up exactly where they are supposed to be. For Lady Frances, Panhellenic has been one of the biggest blessings of her college experience, and it is truly a privilege to have this opportunity to serve. Through the Panhellenic community, she has found her mentors, encouragers, advocates, confidantes, and best friends. She loves this community of women so dearly and is so incredibly humbled to be able to serve them in this way.

Arden Grace Gill is the 2021 Panhellenic Administrative Vice President. Arden Grace is a junior from Orlando, Florida, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Public Relations. Throughout her time at Auburn, she has served as a Camp War Eagle Counselor, Head Counselor for the High School Leadership Conference, as well as both Junior Delegate and Delegate for her chapter.  She is also a member of the Psi Chi honor society. As Panhellenic Administrative Vice President, she will coordinate the Panhellenic Cabinet, which works on projects such as Greek Sing and Convocation, as well as with liaison positions to other offices on campus. She plans programming around health and wellness, diversity, equity, and inclusion, women’s initiatives, and community service. One piece of advice she would give to a Potential New Member would be to trust the process. She shares that she knows it is cliché, but she promises it is worth it. She believes if you open yourself up to all 18 chapters and what they have to offer, you can’t go wrong. Serving Panhellenic is something that Arden Grace has always wanted to do. She looks to the previous Executive leaders as great examples of Panhellenic women that have served our community well and cannot wait to continue on the legacy. Panhellenic has given her a home at Auburn and she hopes to be able to give back to the community that has given so much to her.

Kate Lightfoot is the 2021 Panhellenic Vice President for Recruitment. Kate is a junior from Birmingham, Alabama, majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Spanish. She currently serves as an Undergraduate Research Assistant and as an Emerge at Auburn Team Leader. Kate is also a member of Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Phi Lambda Upsilon honors societies. In her position, she will work with all 18 of the recruitment chairs from each sorority and plan various aspects of recruitment, as well as select and train the recruitment counselors known as “Pi Chis” and the eight-member Recruitment Executive Board team. Kate’s one piece of advice to a potential new member is to be your authentic self and follow your heart. She says that the process truly does work if you allow it to. Each chapter brings something unique to the table, and if you are open to it, you will find your home in our community. Panhellenic has made Kate’s college experience what it is, and she is honored to be able to give back to the community that has given her so much. She hopes to be able to share her passion for Panhellenic with others in hopes that they will find a home that means as much to them as hers does to her.

Ellie Stone is the 2021 Panhellenic Executive Vice President. Ellie is a junior from Beaufort, South Carolina, majoring in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences with minors in Psychology and Public Health. Prior to this role, she has served as both Delegate and Vice President Panhellenic for her Chapter. At Auburn, Ellie is a member of Rho Lambda honors society, Emerge, and the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association. In her position Ellie will work closely with the 18 Panhellenic delegates, which act as liaisons between their individual chapters and Panhellenic. The delegates are also responsible for casting votes on Panhellenic Council matters. She will also record and distribute minutes and other information relevant to Panhellenic Council. Ellie’s advice to a Potential New Member is to stay true to who you are. She believes that through staying true to your heart and values, the process can be that much more enjoyable. Participating in recruitment opens many doors to your future and by staying open minded, you will find your home in our amazing community of strong women. For Ellie, Panhellenic has afforded her more opportunities than she could ever imagine. She has been able to find her home and community that she is forever grateful for. She says that it is an honor to serve and give back to the organization that has given so much to her. She hopes to be able to provide every Panhellenic and non-Panhellenic woman the same amazing and unforgettable experiences that she has been blessed with while here at Auburn.

Megan Birckelbaw is the 2021 Panhellenic Vice President for Finance. Megan is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas, majoring in Psychology with a minor in Political Science. She had the opportunity to serve on her sorority’s executive board as the treasurer. She is also a member of IMPACT, Honors Serves, and the Honors College. In her position she will handle finances of Auburn Panhellenic. This includes coordinating the finances of all Panhellenic events such as Greek Sing and Recruitment. She will also work closely with the treasurers of each chapter and assist them as needed. Megan’s one piece of advice that she wants every Potential New Member to take with her during recruitment is to make your recruitment experience your own. She shares that it is important to focus on your individual recruitment experience and what will make you happy. She says not to worry about outside influences and what others will think, but rather to follow your heart and be yourself and you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be. Megan is excited to serve Panhellenic because it gives her the platform to build relationships with people she may not have met had she not served. She also enjoys the opportunity to give back to the organization that has done so much for her.

Kazmine Longmire is the 2021 Panhellenic Vice President for Public Relations. Kazmine is a junior from Dallas, Texas majoring in Physical Activity and Health with a minor in Marketing. She currently serves as a Marketing Assistant for Campus Recreation and previously served on her chapter’s Social Media Team. In her position she will handle the marketing of Auburn Panhellenic. This includes coordinating all digital marketing efforts such as social media accounts, blog content, and graphic design. She will also work closely with the Social Media team to develop and maintain a marketing plan for Panhellenic. Kazmine’s biggest piece of advice she would give to Potential New Members is to take a deep breath. She shares that recruitment is meant to be a fun experience and a time to find the place you call your home away from home. She says to take a deep breath and go into the week with confidence in yourself and the person you are. Kazmine is excited to serve Panhellenic because it has given her more than she ever imagined. She expected to enter Panhellenic and simply find friends, however, she has found so much more. She found a passion for her major, declared a minor, grew in relationships, and learned more than she could put into words. She is looking forward to this opportunity to serve and to work towards giving back a fraction of what she has gained.

Last modified: March 10, 2021