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Meet the Greeks

Within the first 2 weeks of every semester, Auburn University’s NPHC hosts, “Meet the Greeks”. This is an opportunity for those persons who are unsure about the process of joining one of the six active organizations, to meet and greet all of the fraternities and sororities. This serves as a great opprotunity to ask questions and obtain more information regarding the organization’s history, informational, academic and financial obligations, and on-campus events without the fear of showing preference for one organization over another.  ALL STUDENTS INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN MEMBERSHIP INTAKE MUST ATTEND ONE “MEET THE GREEKS” DURING THE ACADEMIC YEAR OF THEIR SELECTION.

It is important that each interested student take the time to learn about the history, aims, and national programs of each organization before joining any NPHC fraternity or sorority to fully appreciate and understand the depth of Black Greek Letter Organizations.

New member orientation

This program educates members about the history of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. and its 9 member organizations. In addition to the orientation program, NPHC hosts topic forum discussions and community service events that support the programmatic thrusts of the NPHC. These programs provide new members with an understanding of what is expected of members.

Community Service

Once a month Auburn University’s NPHC comes together to participate in Keep Alabama Beautiful giving back to the community and keeping the streets of Auburn clean. This progam serves as a great opportunity for us to provide a positive outlook on the community.

Fall Step Show

Every year Auburn University’s NPHC pulls together its affiliated Black Greek Lettered Fraternities and Sororities to battle it out at the Annual NPHC Step Show, usually held during Auburn University’s Homecoming Weekend. Being one of the most highly anticipated events during the Fall Semester, the event exposes immerse rhythms coupled with rich heritage and intricate steps of the various Divine Nine Organizations.

Unity Yard Show

The Unity Yard show is a performance which includes stepping and is intended to promote unity amongst the Black Greek Lettered Organizations and the Auburn student body. The show helps the Greek community grow closer and shows the campus that Auburn University’s NPHC is united.

Last modified: January 18, 2019